About me – Career Coach from experience and passion

Hi, I am Felix Müller! I was born in 1966, have been happily married for 28 years and am a proud father of two grown-up children.

Equipped with a business degree of the University of St. Gallen, I embarked on a career as manager and leader. Twenty years later, I looked back to a successful career with positions in several international organizations, an MBA degree from Duke University in the US and my first Managing Director role at the age of 39.

But suddenly, my career came to a dramatic stop: to achieve cost savings, my boss laid me off! What seemed safe before, became uncertain. How should I prevent my career from crashing?


In this critical moment, a friend recommended career coaching to me. I started learning a lot about my personality, strengths, passions and self-marketing and only shortly after I could choose among four job offers. The career drop was avoided!

This experience with career coaching left such deep impressions with me that I wanted to support others with it. I studied psychology, biology and neurosciences along my new job in a master’s programme at Henley Business School in the UK. Recently, I made career coaching my main job and offer people between 25 and 25 years of age the opportunity of shaping their careers through internationally certified career coaching.

One result of my work is the Success Plan „With more Joy towards your Dream Job“ that you can download here for free: