How is it to be coached or trained by Felix Müller?*

This question can best be answered by my previous clients. Those interested in coaching can use it to get a feel for whether it could be a good fit with us. The chemistry between client and coach is one of the main factors for coaching success. It is also important that the relationship is absolutely confidential. Therefore, most feedback is anonymous, which I’m sure you understand*. If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them!

*Among other, I have worked as coach and/or trainer for staff of the following organizations:
Agfa-Gevaert, Airbus, Amazon, Atos IT Solutions and Services, Bain & Company, BayernLB, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Brain Products, Brose,
Bundeswehr, DEA, Deutsche Post DHL, Ebay, ENGIE, ERGO, FC Augsburg, FESTO, FLSmidth, Fluxxlive, GE Distributed Power, Hexal, Infineon, John
Bean Technologies, KfW, Lufthansa, Novartis, public services, Sandoz International, SAP, Siemens, SMA Solar Technology, SpencerStuart, Suez, The Bank of New York Mellon
(Luxembourg), T-Systems International, Vodafone, Wacker Chemie.

„Felix’s approach was critical to the successful coaching experience. He was clear about format and scope and created an open and supportive atmosphere. He was professional and insightful, but also personable and accessible. He was flexible to accommodate my availability and consistently brought energy and a communicative, engaging style.“

„Skipper on a sailing yacht! This is my favorite role in my free time, and I realized in coaching with Felix that it’s the ideal metaphor for how I want to be seen in my job, too: as someone who sets up a team to work together optimally, giving them the confidence to explore and exploit new and unknown waters together, with their opportunities and shoals.“

„In my family there were regular fights. In the process, my parents left me with the impression that something was wrong with me because I didn’t agree with them. This feeling was deeply ingrained in me. Working with Felix on personality, I realized that I am not worse, but different. Suddenly, I’m much more confident, proud of who I am, and now actively seek out tasks that I enjoy.“

„I am a very harmony-oriented person. Accordingly, it was difficult for me to address difficult topics, such as when a coworker reacted incorrectly or there were conflicts between coworkers. In coaching, I learned how to structure the situation for myself in such a way that I stay on the factual level and can still maintain the relationship. As a result, I have become a better leader and save my time and that of my team.“

„What makes Felix an outstanding coach is his aura of determination, commitment and calmness that he conveys to his clients. He is extremely polite, kind and friendly, but firm when needed. It has been an honor to be coached by Felix, and for that reason I highly recommend him.“

„I have very fond memories of the „open-air coaching“ with Felix. While walking around a lake, we regularly paused to focus on certain aspects. My highlight was the one hour in a meadow where I was allowed to look at a central issue from a wide variety of perspectives. And I still remember very well how my critic shouted to the dreamer, „You can’t even dream properly!“

„My schedule was full and overtime was the norm. In coaching, I was surprised to find that my team was keeping my calendar because I was simply accepting their appointments without reflection. Together with Felix, I developed a system for prioritizing and planning my activities and reviewing appointment requests in a way that adds real value. As a result, my calendar has been streamlined and I’m more flexible in being responsive to my team.“

„‚Delegating is really fun!‘ I remember how surprised I was when I said this in a coaching session. I knew that delegation was part of a manager’s toolkit, but I had little desire to do it. We discussed why I didn’t want to delegate and developed a plan for changing that. Today, I’m a fan of delegation, and at the same time, I’ve also managed to turn a difficult relationship with an employee around 180 degrees through delegation.“

„Felix is a great listener and has helped me think about myself. He always gives me state of the art examples, and sometimes he puts the mirror in front of me and is the devil behind the curtain. Thank you Felix!“