What clients tell about being coached by me

Zoe Beattie
Executive MBA-Student, Henley Business School Germany

I started coaching with Felix because I was curious about this approach and hoped it would help me find answers to some questions concerning my career planning and personal development which I was struggling to tackle alone. I found this a very constructive experience.

Whilst it does not deliver ‚magic answers‘, it provided me with a safe space to exchange about my chosen issue, offering tools and techniques to address this as part of a longer-term, ongoing process. It met my expectations in terms of the open and collaborative approach, whilst the semi-structured nature of the sessions, with use of tools and homework, was more of a surprise.

Felix‘ approach was essential to the successful coaching experience. He was clear about the format and scope, and created an open and supportive atmosphere. He was professional and insightful, yet also personal and approachable. He was flexible to accommodate my availability and consistently brought energy and a communicative, engaging style.

„I worked together with Felix twice first. The first time he was my mentor and coach during the Henley Executive MBA and guided me through the whole process. The second time he helped me in focusing, reflecting, and re-thinking my brand and my work-life balance.

Both times it was a pleasure working with him. Felix is a passionate coach. I like his practical approach and the way; he guided me through the whole process. First time I worked with him together, it was a real issue going through some crisis regarding my future career and my situation with work and family. Furthermore, he helped me a lot re-thinking my position as a leader and taking care that leadership is not working in the system; it’s working with and on the network. This was one of my most significant learning from him, and it was for me the decision changing my position from the CFO of a company to a CEO in another company.

After reflecting on myself some years later, Felix helped me again to focus on my top skills and thinking about the way I want to grow as a leader. During the coaching process, I decided to start my DBA studies at Henley.

Felix is a great coach. As a C-level Manager, I can recommend him as a mentor and coach during the EMBA, and I also can recommend him as a coach in leadership development. He is a great listener and helped me to reflect on myself. He always gives me state of the art examples, and sometimes he also put the mirror in front of me, being the devil behind the curtain.

Thank you, Felix!“

Christian Neusser
CEO, Phalanx GmbH
Nibedita Sardar-Drenda
Regional Process Owner for Configuration, Capacity and Availability Management, Atos

„I have had the opportunity to be coached by Felix in 2018 as I was in the final year of my executive MBA and was in a need of coaching to decide on the next best career move.

One of the important goals for joining the executive MBA program was to gain an in-depth knowledge in other business management areas outside of IT operations and to be able to navigate intelligently within or outside my current organization for next career possibilities. With my skill set and experiences that I gained over the last 9 years in an IT outsourcing industry, and the knowledge I had gathered through my executive MBA, I had found myself standing in a cross road. I had approached Felix for career coaching and he willingly accepted to be my coach.

Felix has been an excellent coach to me. He listened patiently and empathized with my situations. He was flexible in finding time and in channels of communication. His clever questions on skills, traits and career desires made me ponder deeply into what I really am and what I truly want. He helped me to identify my strengths and unlock my creative energy. He also helped me to focus on my core skills and formulate my top traits which defined me as an individual. Felix reviewed my resume and gave crucial inputs on how to make it more effective. He also supported me to formulate an action plan to work towards my career goals. His incredible insights and the personal experiences he shared with me, made me consider newer ideas and potential roles which I had not considered before.

What makes Felix an outstanding coach, is his aura of positivity, dedication and calmness he projects to his students. He is extremely polite, kind and friendly but firm when needed. It was an honor to be coached by Felix, and therefore, I would highly recommend him.“

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