Der erfahrene Coach Felix Müller: Ziele erkennen. Ziele erreichen.

 Why I have become a coach

Coaching besteht darin, anderen Menschen dabei zu helfen, ihre Ziele zu erreichen.

For me, this picture illustrates well the relationship between my clients and me as coach:

My clients are pursuing challenging goals.As coach, I am their companion, supporter and have the confidence and trust that they will reach their goals with their own resources.
Coaching has helped me both as a long-time leader and privately to gain clarity, relaxation and confidence in challenging times.
I learned my trade as coach for three years on a Masters course in the UK. The quality of my coaching is guaranteed by certification by the

world’s largest coaching association ICF and regular supervision. As coach, I have been supporting people in recognizing and reaching goals since 2013.

My clients range from employees of corporations such as Amazon, Novartis or SAP to owners of small companies and self-employed experts from all over Germany, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and the US,

whom I support in German and English in virtual or hybrid coaching sessions also on early mornings, evenings and weekends when they are relaxed.

Facts & Figures about Felix Müller

  • Business knowledge from my studies at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland (website) and Duke University (MBA) in the US (website)
  • 25 years‘ leadership experience, of which 13 at C-level, in Swiss, US, French, German and UK organizations (Linkedin profile)
  • Psychological knowledge from my coaching studies at Henley Business School in the UK (website)
  • Eight years‘ experience as Executive Coach for international leaders (client feedback)
  • Certified as MBTI Step I&II Certified Practitioner for personality types (more about how this benefits my clients)
  • Certified as Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest coaching association (more about the value of certification for coaching).

For more information, please visit my LinkedIn profile:

 How our collaboration advances you

„What goals am I pursuing and why?“ and „Why am I not reaching my goals?“ are central questions of my clients. Typical topics in my coaching sessions are:
A good understanding of yourself leads to high performance and satisfaction in life: Who am I? What do I want (and not my parents, my partner, my boss…)? How did I become who I am today?  What limits my development? What keeps me from getting going on certain topics? Coaching is an exchange that provides answers to these and many other questions.
Life often also means cultivating relationships with other people. This can be ‚humane‘, i.e. we perceive others from our perspective, which is shaped by upbringing, values and experiences. This can also lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Coaching helps to analyze these relationships, to make thoughts and feelings visible and to create productive relationships based on consensus for both sides.
Behavior is the visible part of a person: I get to know other people through their behavior and they get to know me through mine. Through our behavior we are able to build lasting and appreciative relationships and achieve great results. But we are equally capable of operating in a spiral of conflict and building each other up. Much of our behavior is unconscious and has been trained for years. Behavioral change is therefore one of the most difficult goals to achieve, but it is precisely here that coaching can create the framework through the protected, appreciative space it provides.
After decades of trying to make up for weaknesses, the focus on strengths has become the norm. But which of my many strengths do I want to use in my job? Which ones have worn out for me and are no longer fun? Which new strengths do I want to develop? Working with a coach makes it possible to recognize one’s strengths and consciously use them in one’s job.
Building and maintaining relationships with different people is essential for successful professional and private activity. However, many people seek contact with people like themselves. In coaching, existing tendencies can be addressed and promising strategies can be developed so that one can work with all kinds of people and use their strengths in an appreciative way.
This is the core of a coaching relationship: a good coach helps you to identify your goals and dreams and what you can do to achieve them. In doing so, the coach is a benevolent companion, but remains neutral as he has no interests of his own. He is honest and gives feedback on what he has heard. He challenges and supports at the same time.
From time to time it is important to review your career and life path: Am I still on the right track? Do I know where I want to go? Am I sufficiently visible? Answering these and other career questions will enable you to proactively focus on new career opportunities and position yourself as you want to be seen.

 How we work together

You are the focal point of our collaboration. I am your companion, ask questions, challenge you and allow you to access your conscious and unconscious knowledge so that you gain insights and make decisions that advance you.

To achieve this, we work together over a longer period of time and use a variety of different methods and tools to help you to reach your goals e.g. joint goal-setting, directed reflection, self-reflection, psychometric tools, conversational exchange, periodic progress checks, keeping a diary, exchange about best practices, background knowledge about human behaviour, etc.

Usually, the coaching programme lasts between  three and six months, a period that allows you to gain deep insights, change behaviors and that creates a positive tension leading to measureable results. The collaboration always starts with the goal setting session. Derived from the concrete goals, I then present you with my coaching plan concept and we agree concrete rules and ways of working together.

The actual coaching sessions may take place in English or German also at times that fit your busy schedule (early in the morning, evenings, weekends) as virtual Zoom or hybrid sessions. We will jointly decide which format is the right one for you – it is crucial that it allows you to move into the relaxed state required for you to reflect and reach your goals. The exact sequence will vary depending on your exact situation and the dynamics of the process, as often deep insights are gained in the course of the coaching process. I always assure that we don’t lose sight of your objectives.

Most importantly: the entire coaching process is strictly confidential – what is said in coaching stays in coaching.

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