„I have a topic that only people like you with your many years of leadership experience understand.”

This is what a client said to me some years ago. He was a Senior Partner at an international strategy consultancy and he meant that my combination of 25 years of international leadership experience and solid coaching studies made me his ideal coach.

Experience, fit, science-based

I myself have benefitted from coaching several times in my many years as leader. Therefore, I studied coaching and have since coached many people like him. People who want to work with a coach who knows leadership work and its challenges and joys from own experience and not just hear-say. With a coach who chooses suitable approaches from a large toolbox and does not make their preferred method fit every situation. A coach who works grounded in science and does not deliver hocus-pocus (download my book chapter on „Reflective Leadership – Successfully Leading Your Team in a Complex World“ HERE).

Transitions, challenges, opportunities

My coaching work is about supporting leaders in advancing themselves by transitioning into future roles, mastering challenges and seizing opportunities. We look at how factors like environment, behaviors, capabilities, beliefs and values, and identity influence these areas. Based on our assessment of these aspects, we implement a development plan for the daily leadership work.

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Facts & Figures about Felix Müller

  • Business knowledge from my studies at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland (website) and Duke University (MBA) in the US (website)
  • 25 years‘ leadership experience, of which 13 at C-level, in Swiss, US, French, German and UK organizations (Linkedin profile)
  • Psychological knowledge from my coaching studies at Henley Business School in the UK (website)
  • Seven years‘ experience as Executive Coach for international leaders (client feedback)
  • Certified as MBTI Step I&II Certified Practitioner for personality types (more about how this benefits my clients)
  • Certified as Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest coaching association (more about the value of certification for coaching).

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 How our collaboration makes you an (even) better leader

In my coaching you are the focal point. Starting with your current challenges we can produce outcomes like these:

A good understading about oneself leads to higher leadership performance and even profitability. People prefer to follow leaders who see themselves with clarity. Coaching is a form of exchange that achieves this.
Leaders also run into problems because they do not properly assess the people around them and do not take the appropriate measures. Through coaching, leaders access methodologies and tools to systemically improve this.
Namely when moving up in the organization, leaders have to replace behaviours that so far served them well with new ones. Through coaching, the leadership toolbox is renewed.
Over time, some strengths fall into oblivion, although they could turn out to be unique and precious. Working with a coach allows digging them up instead of trying to reduce weaknesses.
Building and maintaining relationships to diverse and strikingly different people is essential for successful leadership. However, many leaders seek contact to people like themselves. In coaching, these tendencies and biases can de worked on to develop promising strategies.
This is the core of a coaching relationship: a good coach supports you in discerning your objectives and dreams and what you can do to achieve them. In this, the coach is a benevolent companion who remains neutral since they have no own interests. They are honest and give feedback. They challenge and support at the same time.
Once in a while, it is time to review one’s career progression: am I still on the right track? Do I know where the journey should take me? Am I sufficiently visible? Answering these and many other career-related questions allows you to align yourself with new career opportunities in a proactive way and to position yourself how you want to be seen.

And further outcomes that we agree upon in our conversations.

Learn HERE more about my approach to coaching.

 How we work together

You are the focal point of our collaboration: through our work together you should become an (even) better leader. In this, I am your companion, ask questions, challenge you and allow you to access your conscious and unconscious knowledge so that you gain insights and make decisions that advance you.

To achieve this, we work together over a longer period of time and use a variety of different methods and tools to help you to reach your goals e.g. joint goal-setting, directed reflection, self-reflection, psychometric tools, conversational exchange, periodic progress checks, keeping a diary, exchange about best practices, background knowledge about human behaviour, etc.

Usually, the coaching programme lasts about three months, a period that allows you to gain deep insights, change behaviours and that creates a positive tension leading to measureable results. The collaboration always starts with the goal setting session. Derived from the concrete goals, I then present you with my coaching plan concept and we agree concrete rules and ways of working together.

The actual coaching sessions take place in three languages (English, German, French) also at times that fit your busy schedule (early in the morning, evenings, weekends) in three formats (virtual Zoom sessions, on-site or a hybrid). We will jointly decide which format is the right one for you – it is crucial that it allows you to move into the relaxed state required for you to reflect and reach your goals. The exact sequence will vary depending on your exact situation and the dynamics of the process, as often deep insights are gained in the course of the coaching process. I always assure that we don’t lose sight of your objectives. Furthermore, I am alos happy to coach you at times that give you the focus and peace of mind to

Most importantly: the entire coaching process is strictly confidential – what is said in coaching stays in coaching.

Learn HERE more about my approach to coaching.

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