I help leaders who have too little time.

Because a lack of time indicates untapped leadership potential.

„Poor management skills:
Curiously, what also frequently drives even high-ranking managers into career dead ends is the inability to manage, i.e., to proceed in a structured and systematic manner, not to get bogged down, to delegate sensibly.“

This is what leadership researcher and business psychologist Prof. Uwe Peter Kanning from Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences names as one of the „top 5 leadership failures“ in the June 2021 issue of ManagerSeminare magazine.
Accordingly, great potentials lie fallow in many companies and substantial costs are incurred because managers have insufficient mastery of their leadership craft.
Coaching can help in these situations. However, which manager likes to admit that they have not mastered the basics of their craft?
Therefore, I use a different approach to this topic to pick them up: The lack of time. Because many of these leaders also tell of having too little time, rushing from appointment to appointment, sleeping too little and therefore being stressed.

The Lack-of-Time Iceberg: symptoms and causes of bad leadership craft.

The situation of many leaders can be compared to an iceberg: Above the waterline, symptoms can be seen that can be traced back to causes hidden in the water.

Fighting the symptoms does little to achieve lasting change. That’s why my coaching addresses the core causes:

  • Personality influences how one perceives the world, makes decisions and organizes work. Knowledge about one’s own personality enables one to adapt one’s way of working.
  • Values and beliefs (such as “trust is good, but control is better!“) are passed down from family and society. If they are obstructive, they should be examined and replaced.
  • Skills need to be continuously adapted to the current situation. Despite trainings, many managers have gaps here.
  • Behavior is a leader’s primary tool to influence the team. Although many know what to do, they behave differently because they have fears (e.g., losing control). Working with these fears leads to purposeful behavior and thus leadership success.
  • Through Covid, many have experienced the impact the environment has on their work. Consciously designing the environment – namely in the new hybrid world working in the office and from home – leads to higher (leadership) productivity.

Four coaching programs to unlock untapped leadership potential:

One month of intensive coaching on short-term challenges like, „I want to make my meetings more effective!“

A coaching program over four months to review existing values, beliefs, skills and behaviors, develop new versions of them and be able to implement them on the job.

Contents of the half marathon, supplemented by intensive on-the-job implementation support over seven months. The marathon is particularly suitable for managers who are taking on a new position or who want to fundamentally catch up on what they have missed.

Booklet of Ten
10 hours of coaching that can be used flexibly.  

Goals and schedule of a coaching program are determined at the beginning for the whole duration. Of course, clients can terminate the coaching program at any time and receive a refund of the unused portion of the coaching fee.

I coach when the leaders have the time

Since leaders already have little time, I don’t want to stress them out even more with my coaching sessions. Therefore, I coach primarily with Zoom, supplemented by on-site sessions, and gladly in off-peak hours such as early in the morning from 7 am, in the evening until 9 pm or on weekends.

With this, every leader should be able to find a time that fits into their life without stress.

„I have to say that I feel a big change in everything and the immense pressure is starting to release.

When we first met, I had nearly 500 emails in my inbox, most of which were unprocessed and causing me enormous stress. Today, I’m down to 32 emails, and I’ve managed to do that by delegating tasks.
You have really helped me so far and I am so grateful.“

Says a leader I coached.

Me, Felix Müller, in 60 seconds

  • Business studies at the University of St. Gallen (lic.oec.HSG) in Switzerland (more…) and Duke University (MBA) in the US (more…)
  • 25 years leadership experience, of which 13 at top level, in Swiss, US, French, German and British organizations (more…)
  • Coaching studies at Henley Business School (MSc) in the UK (more…)
  • Eight years experience as Leaderhsip Coach for international leaders (more…)
  • Certified as MBTI Step I&II Certified Practitioner for personality type (more…)
  • Certified as Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest coaching organization (more…)

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Which leaders in your organization can better time management help improve their leadership performance?

This would be the ideal opportunity to try out my coaching approach! This will give you the opportunity to see how time coaching can advance your leaders in the context of your business and increase your company’s performance.

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