Remember? In my „8 tips for leaders who have too little time“ I had asked you these questions:

Are you a leader and …
… stressed because you neglect your partner and family?
… frustrated because you work more overtime than you want (or should)?
… disappointed because you do too little of what you enjoy?
… simply have too little time?

When I look at the questions, I can easily answer „Yes!“ to all four, because I have already experienced all four phases in my life:

  • As a husband and father, I ran the risk of neglecting my partner and children because of the job: I in the 29 years I have been happily married (thank you, Nicole!), I have learned how important it is for a modern partnership at eye level to support and relieve my partner by actions. As a father of two now grown up children, I’ve managed to be there for all the important events (birthdays, school enrollments, horse shows, bedtime stories…). And yes, the one birthday I missed because I prioritized the job still creates bad feelings in me.
  • Before we had kids, the day seemed unlimited and the extra overtime didn’t matter. I learned that there was more to life than the job and that my physical and mental health was important. Now the kids are out of the house and I don’t automatically fill my calendar with business appointments, but create time off for myself from the start.
    For me, too, the tasks and opportunities in the mix of my duties as a subject matter expert and manager were constantly increasing. At the end of the day, I often felt like I wasn’t really doing anything right and didn’t have enough time for my passions. I learned to prioritize, focus, and delegate my way through the day so that I had plenty of time for what I enjoyed.
  • And yes, I too often wished, especially early in my career, that the day had more than 24 hours. This wish has always been illusory, of course, but it took me a while to accept that the 24 hours are fixed and that I can still do something to help me gain control over my 24 hours.

Looking back, I am pleased to say that through intensive learning and changing my behavior, I have managed to organize my time in such a way that I am doing well and achieving my goals.