Something that makes humans unique is the ability to imagine. Business in particular also consists of imagining a possible future in a vision and then deriving the necessary strategy for it. You can also use this imagination to envision your future with more time.

A father who does not want to neglect his family may dream the following:
„I come home just before dinner, as usual. My wife and two children are in the kitchen and we are about to eat. The atmosphere is cozy and I find out what happened at school and daycare today. After cleaning up the kitchen, I take over the children. First we play some more (and I get to be a kid again), then I prepare them for bed. Brushing their teeth, putting on their pajamas, and the bedtime story follows. When they are in their beds, there is an incredible closeness and we have a lot of fun going through the story together. When we’ve read enough, I often hear „more, more!“ and look into beaming children’s eyes. OK, a few minutes are still ok. But at some point it ends, because it’s important to my wife and me to have time for us as a coiple, to have adult conversations and … . My wife appreciates that I take the children off her hands. I understand that well, after all, she already has them on her hands all day. So she enjoys the downtime while I put the kids to bed, because that’s the first moment of the day when she really has time to herself. And at least once a week, she goes out with friends in the evening or plays sports – I’m there as a babysitter. In moments like that, I feel that work and family are really easy to combine!“

What does your dream look like?
Sit down and relax – perhaps with a glass of your favorite drink – and start dreaming: imagine you’ve achieved your goal of having more time (don’t worry about how to get there at this time; we’ll take care of that later). Now what do you do with the time? Live through an example with all your senses. How do you feel? Happy, relaxed, relieved, confident, serene, or*? 
If you like, write down your dream. It can serve as a guide for you.
* Every now and then, we have a hard time expressing our feelings accurately – if you want to expand your feelings vocabulary, feel free to download a list of positive feelings HERE.