The beauty of the future is that it hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, with the exercise I shared last time, you could imagine your positive future where you have more  time. You can use this vision as a guide.
However, it can of course also be that the future develops differently and a possibly already existing negative trend continues in the sense of a vicious circle – you already have too little time now. Knowing this horror scenario is often good, because you then have a picture in front of your eyes that must be avoided at all costs.
Again, I invite you to sit down, but this time to „nightmare“. Imagine what a „worst case“ might look like if your current situation were to continue with too little time.

A father’s nightmare could be: „It’s Friday afternoon. One of those Friday afternoons that I regularly experience every two weeks. On which my two children come to spend the father’s weekend with me. Since the separation from my wife, this is normal. I think it’s all sh…, but it came about this way because I was not there enough for my wife and children. The job came first and after that not much. Now I have only a few moments of happiness with my children, also because they have realized that I am the main culprit for the fact that we are no longer a happy family. Accordingly, these weekends are tense.“

What is your „worst case“ that you want to avoid? Again, relive an example with all your senses. How do you feel? Anxious, frustrated, depressed, lonely, helpless, disappointed, tired, sad, angry?

If you like, write down your nightmare. Dream and nightmare can serve as guidelines for your future.

* Like with the positive feelings, we sometimes find it difficult to express negative feelings precisely – feel free to download a list of negative feelings HERE.