Another reason why executives have too little time lies in phrases like:

„Idleness is the beginning of all vices.“
„To be busy is a blessing.“
„No pain, no gain!“

Do you know such phrases? What do they do to you?

These are so-called „beliefs“, i.e. statements in which we believe and which have great value for us. We often learned them in our family in the sense of „this is right, this is wrong.“ Our beliefs have a great influence on our perception and how we organize our work:
„The captain goes down with the ship.“
When I have this belief set, I don’t leave the office until no one else is around. No wonder I’m not home until my kids are long past their bedtime.
„Trust is good, control is better.“
When managers delegate with this belief, they are often left with a stale aftertaste. They wonder what the other person is doing. This restlessness often leads to micromanagement, with the manager asking multiple times a day, compounding the problem of not having enough time. Overtime doesn’t stop there.
„Business before pleasure“
This phrase expresses that work is not a pleasure; rather, it is a burden to be carried. Those who have this belief often feel the burden on their own bodies when they work and do not allow themselves to see and feel pleasure in work. Negative emotions and feelings are almost programmed in.
The good news is that you can change your beliefs and mentally create the freedom to leave the „leader with too little time“ behind.
I’d be happy to explain how to do that. Just send me an email at to make an appointment between 7am and 9pm, even on weekends if you like.
You’re already short on time, so let’s make good use of it!