I, too, was a leader who had too little time. I was stressed, frustrated and disappointed for an extended period of time and felt helpless.

I found my help in a coach who had the knowledge I needed to change, could show me a clear plan for change, and, since we didn’t know each other, kept the necessary distance so that there was never a feeling of manipulation. And among other progress, today I have full control of my schedule and my time!
This experience was so formative for me that I decided to become a coach myself. I studied the psychology, biology, and neuroscience of coaching and behavioral change for three years in a master’s program in England and use structured coaching programs of several months‘ duration to successfully manage change. In doing so, I receive feedback from my clients that I give them the freedom to develop their own solution, rather than trying to impose a particular solution on them.
Since 2013, I have helped countless leaders from a wide range of industries and company sizes, from Amazon and Novartis to Brose and tech start-ups, move forward.
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