„I help leaders gain solutions to their problems, answers to their questions, and clarity for their decisions by thinking together.“

Thinking works better together!

Already 10,000 years ago, our ancestors sat around the fire in the cave and solved their problems by thinking together. The evening meeting under the village bough, the English Gentlemen’s Club and, in modern times, invention groups and collegial case consultation continue this idea.

Thinking together brings us further, but…

…thinking together is not always easy. When strong feelings like frustration, stress, helplessness and fear are involved, it becomes difficult because we are not used to talk about our feelings. Doing so in front of a boss, colleagues or family feels like a soul-striptease that overwhelms everyone involved. And thinking about it alone in silence often leads to frustrating (nightly) brooding attacks without a solution emerging.

Therefore I am available as a neutral „thinking partner“,…

…who has no vested interests and is open to any kind of solution: My only interest is to support my counterpart in thinking. For this purpose I create a protected space, structure the thinking process at peer level, ask questions and am the appreciative and benevolent counterpart who enables you to express feelings, release blockages, find solutions and move forward.

Overcome your difficult issues by thinking together with me!

You are welcome to try out how it feels to think together with me. Of course, virtually, free of charge and without obligation. Simply book your appointment HERE and experience how thinking together with me brings you answers, solutions and clarity!

Typical topics for thinking together

Basically, every question, every problem and every decision that is challenging is suitable for thinking together with me. In the past years, people from companies like Amazon, Airbus, Novartis, SAP, Boehringer Ingelheim, Festo, public administration and start-ups have worked with me on topics like these:

My career

  • I’m frustrated because I’m not progressing the way I want to
  • I feel under pressure to achieve my professional goals
  • I don’t know how to move forward in my career
  • I am fed up and would like to quit my job
  • My job is being eliminated – what should I do now?


  • I never have enough time for my many tasks
  • I run at full speed since everything is important and urgent for me
  • I have no time for strategic and planning issues
  • I get drawn back into technical issues even though I want to lead
  • Out of stress and frustration I eat too much and too unhealthily

Family & career

  • I neglect my family because of my job
  • I feel torn between job and family
  • I do not manage to leave the office on time
  • I can’t manage to forget about the job at home
  • I wake up in the night sweating because of my job

For leaders

  • My employees do not do what I want
  • Some of my employees are so exhaustingly different from me
  • I just sit in meetings from early in the morning until late at night
  • I feel uncomfortable discussing personal issues with my employees
  • I must put out fires all the time

For leaders of leaders

  • I don’t know how to deal with underperformers
  • I fear that my overperformers will soon leave me
  • I feel helpless and dependent on my leaders below me
  • I feel too far away from the real business
  • I don’t like to talk about personal issues and feelings

The own person

  • I do not like to talk about my feelings
  • I do not know how to deal with my fears
  • I do not know what I want in life
  • I have trouble with people who are different from me
  • I feel stressed when something doesn’t go the way I want.

How thinking together with me works

However exotic the ways of thinking may sometimes seem to me, in the end they lead to a result that moves people forward.

What would you like to think about together with me today?

This is often the first question I ask at the beginning of a thinking session. With it, we set the goal for that session. It may arise from current events or the context of a larger goal agreed upon earlier for an entire thinking program. Then we illuminate the situation, the thoughts and feelings that arise, what options can be imagined, and what next steps are possible and reasonable.

My role here is to give my counterparts time, space, safety and attention so that they can give free rein to their thoughts and feelings, pursue supposedly ‚funny‘ ideas and spontaneously develop new ones. And this without fearing that they will be judged or condemned in the process. My second task is to structure the thinking process, because sitting around and thinking without structure is useless – it leads to stressful brooding attacks.

I use my knowledge and experience from psychology, biology and neuroscience. One insight is that we need to be relaxed to think well. That’s why many thinking sessions take place virtually before or after work. But don’t worry about them being too scientific: I’m known for being down-to-earth – for all my enthusiasm for the results of science, I appreciate simple descriptions that can be used in real life; down-to-earth, that is.

The session ends with concrete next steps that the clients want to take until the next session.

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What I contribute to thinking together with you

Of course, my experiences and lessons learned from 55 years of life, 29 years of marriage, and 27 years as a father also help me think together.

  • Deep understanding of economic interrelationships from business studies at the University of St. Gallen (lic.oec.HSG) in Switzerland and Duke University (MBA) in the US
  • 25 years of international leadership experience, of which 13 at top level, in Swiss, US, French, German and British organizations
  • Extensive knowledge of the psychology, biology, and neuroscience of behavioral change from Coaching studies at Henley Business School (MSc) in the UK
  • Eight years experience as Executive Coach for international leaders
  • Certified as MBTI Step I&II Certified Practitioner for personality type
  • Quality of my coaching certified at the highest level and regularly checked as Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation, the world’s largest coaching organization, and as Member of the Board of ICF Germany.
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