Working with me – a companion for your career success

You are the focal point of our collaboration: our work together enables you
to move into action to

  • actively shape your career
  • master career challenges in a conscious and progressive way, and to
  • create, assess and leverage career options.

In this, I am your companion, ask questions, challenge you and allow you to access your conscious and unconscious knowledge so that you gain insights and make decisions that advance you.

To achieve this, we work together over a longer period of time and use a variety of different methods and tools to help you to reach your goals e.g. joint goal-setting, directed reflection, self-reflection, psychometric tools, conversational exchange, periodic progress checks, keeping a diary, exchange about best practices in areas like CV structure and design, background knowledge about human behaviour, etc.

Usually, the coaching programme lasts about three months, a period that allows you to gain deep insights, change behaviours and that creates a positive tension leading to measureable results. The collaboration always starts with the goal setting session. Derived from the concrete goals, I then present you with my coaching plan concept and we agree concrete rules and ways of working together. The actual sessions may take three formats: virtual as Zoom sessions, or a hybrid version. We will jointly decide which format is the right one for you – it is crucial that it allows you to move into the relaxed state required for you to reflect and reach your goals. The exact sequence will vary depending on your exact situation and the dynamics of the process, as often deep insights are gained in the course of the coaching process. I always assure that we don’t lose sight of your objectives.

Most importantly: the entire coaching process is strictly confidential – what is said in coaching stays in coaching.


One result of my work is the Success Plan „With more Joy towards your Dream Job“ that you can download here for free: